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Build a Complete 72-Hour Kit in 7 Easy Steps

Why do we need a 72-hour kit?

72-hour kits

There are many situations where this kit could come in handy - not just during a disaster.

There may be short-term reasons to keep a 72-hour kit in your car, in the office, as well as at home:

  • You're out in the middle of no where and your car breaks down;
  • There's a chemical leak close by and you're confined to your office until it passes;
  • You're out for a day of hiking and one of your kids has fallen and needs first aid for a scraped knee.

When planning the contents of your 72-hour kit, remember that this is only for 3 days max, so don't over pack.

There will never be a better time to buy or build your bug-out-bag than now. Do you have one for the office? For each of your children - child sized?

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You can buy a basic, inexpensive, Tote-N'-Go Kit for each family member. It has most of what is needed to sustain one person for 72 hours.

There are items for warmth and shelter, heat and light, food and water, personal hygiene, a first aid kit, and even includes the nylon tote bag to neatly contain everything. And it's very affordable.

Or you can also purchase more extensive kits that include just about everything except a change of personal clothing (which you could add). The other alternative is to assemble your own.

If you're more inclined to build your own but feel a bit overwhelmed at the prospect, sign up for our 72-hour Kit Challenge and complete yours one step at a time in an organized manner.

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What to Use for a container

Bug Out Bag for Children

- What should go in it?
- How much can they carry?

Everything you need must be organized and squeezed into a portable container small enough for you to carry. I personally think a backpack is the most versatile and easiest to carry. Even smaller children can carry a small backpack with some of their own belongings tucked inside.

Another easy option for those who are young or old is a suitcase (or backpack) with a handle and wheels.

But don't wait until you have the perfect container to start your 72 hour kit. Begin by assembling the items and then find a container to hold everything. It might be even better to use two containers for one kit, providing the person is strong enough to carry more than one. One might be used for food and water, and the other for clothing and hygiene items. It is best if the containers you choose are waterproof also.

Okay, let's get started - sign up for the Challenge above!

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