Why You Should Have an Auto Emergency Kit

How many hours do you spend in your car each week? In any crisis, auto emergency kits could save lives or be a "get home" bag in a grid-down situation.

Auto Emergency Kit

It wouldn't even have to be a major disaster. In a country with freeways and belt routes strung from border-to-border and plagued with traffic congestion, it is always possible to be caught in a gridlock, maybe for hours at a time because of an accident or weather conditions.

I remember the time we were returning to our home in Colorado Springs from Utah at Christmas time. If you've ever been on I-70 heading towards Denver on a Sunday night in winter, you can guess what happened to us. Major gridlock traffic! Since this was the first time we'd ever come this way on a Sunday night, we assumed there must be a really terrible accident up ahead. Wrong! It was just the skiers returning home from the ski resorts where they spent the weekend — lots of them!

After an hour of crawling along the freeway a foot at a time, we realized two very bad things: 1) We might run out of gas before seeing any gas stations; and, 2) We were in a spot where there are no exits to any small town where we might find...ummm...a bathroom!

Since we were crawling so slowly, we seriously thought about taking turns hopping out of the car, running to the side of the road, find a bush, and, you know, relieve ourselves. But the thought of all those people watching and knowing exactly what we were doing — nope, not doing that.

I'm pretty sure not many people carry an extra full gas can when going on trips, but we probably should — as part of our auto emergency kit. And the bathroom issue — well, an empty pop bottle might work for one of us <grin>. But seriously, what was important to have that day (or any winter day) in our kit, would obviously be warm clothes, boots, a nice wool blanket (for each of us), and probably hand or body warmers.

So if you are traveling any distance, especially with children, it is well worth it to put an auto emergency kit in your car — one for each person.

A back pack is the perfect container for most of the items in this kit so that regardless of the circumstances you are able to walk away from your car with the supplies that will sustain you if it becomes necessary.

The auto kit pictured above has enough of most items to support 5 people in case of an emergency. Here's what is included in this heavy duty duffle bag:

  • (1) Datrex 3600-Calorie Food Bar
  • (5) Emergency Blankets
  • (2) Emergency Ponchos
  • (10) Hand Warmers (5 pairs)
  • (1) 9 LED Metal Flashlight
  • (1) Reflective Road Safety Triangle
  • (1) Jumper Cables
  • (1) Tire Gauge
  • (1) Duct Tape - 10 YARDS
  • (1) Utility Knife
  • (1) Protective Leather Gloves - PAIR
  • (10) Cable Ties
  • (3) Bungee Cords
  • (1) Screwdriver (phillips/flathead)
  • (1) 34 Piece 1st Aid Kit

Be sure to pack extra clothing or items for warmth that are weather-dependent for your area. You may have to change these out, depending on the season.

Maintain at least 1/2 Tank
of Gas at ALL Times.

Determining how many people are in the car most of the time will help you determine the contents and amount of supplies in your car kit.
Mother & Chilrdren

Items you might want to add:

Like all kits from The Ready Store, there is extra space in the duffle bag to add items specific to your family or situation. Here are some items you might want to add:

Emergency tools or items to keep in the trunk:

Your car should be the center of your preparation to meet everything that may come your way. Keep a First Aid kit in your glove box, an auto emergency kit in your trunk or the back of your SUV, and severe weather emergency car kits with you in your car at all times - just in case a disaster strikes.

It's always good to have travel blankets for your pets, picnics and sporting events in your car as well as age-appropriate items for your children.

The best thing about auto emergency kits? You always know where they are — in your car.

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