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Food Storage Recipe Club

I have purchased freeze dried, dehydrated, canned, and frozen foods for our family's storage. It gives me peace of mind to look at the rows of cans and buckets and know they're there if and when we need them.

But over the years of collecting the food, I have not used any of it (except the canned and frozen) in my daily menus. It occurred to me that I just might not know how to use this stored food — or even if it tasted good. Yes, I have tasted some of it at an emergency preparedness expo. The food I tasted was very good.

But, looking at the various recipes that I use daily or weekly, I began to wonder if I could substitute some (or all) of the ingredients using just my storage food. After all, if the time comes when we REALLY need to rely on just that food, would I know what to do with it?

So the idea of a Food Storage Recipe Club was "born". This is the place for those who want or need to learn how to use food storage in daily menus.

Are you wondering, as I am . . .

  • What foods should I buy to make the best use of the money available for food storage?
  • Can I put together dehydrated, freeze dried, and canned foods and make a full meal?
  • How do I incorporate powdered butter, milk, cheese, and sauces into recipes, and in what proportions?
  • What can I do with all the wheat I have stored — besides make bread?
  • What substitutions can I use if a certain recipe ingredient is not available during a crisis?
  • What spices are best to give a bland meal that "fine dining" touch? (In other words, delicious!)
  • What dried foods can be used in every-day cooking?

As you know, cooking with food storage most likely means cooking from scratch. Some might panic at the thought of scratch cooking, but believe me, using freeze dried and dehydrated foods makes it SO much easier. For one thing, there is much less preparation — no cutting up veggies, no washing and cutting up fruit, no cooking the meat first. All that is done for you, right out of the can!

So I'll be sending you recipes on a pretty regular basis. We're going to share recipes and, hopefully, discuss what ingredients work best and what may not work at all.

Let's have fun doing this!

So join us today and let's learn together! We'll be the best prepper cooks around, but most of all, our families will be well fed and healthy — no matter what crisis comes along.

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