Freeze Dried Food Pouches vs #10 Can Size

The Ready Store - EasyPrep Sale

I'm excited that the Ready Store has just launched 23 new EasyPrep pouches filled with delicious food, like fruits, vegetables, lasagna, pasta parmesan alfredo, sweet and sour stir fry, granola with milk and cinnamon apples, quick cooking oatmeal, and even pilot bread crackers.

Why am I excited?

  1. Mainly because having freeze dried food in pouches means that I won't waste half the food when I open a #10 can. Since there are just the two of us, opening a #10 can means that we must eat all the food inside within a month or two for optimum nutrition. Or, I would have to seal the food up again with my FoodSaver. Pouches solve that problem.

  2. Another reason is that the pouches are perfect for taking camping, backpacking, or adding to our 72 hour emergency packs.

  3. AND, they're all on sale — like 40% off!

I know they took special care to maintain everything we love about EasyPrep foods as they went through the decision and testing process for which new foods to offer.

This means that each EasyPrep pouch is:

  • packaged with a shelf-life of up to 25 years; and
  • filled with only the highest quality food.

Introductory savings on all EasyPrep Pouches ends in four days so be sure to stock up now.

Seriously, they're making it easier than ever with EasyPrep by offering one low price of $8.99 per pouch. One more way to make preparing, long term or short term, a win-win!


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