Bug Out Bag - For Children

What to Put in a Child's 72-Hour Kit

Children can carry their own bug out bag if it is an appropriate weight.

Bug-Out Bags for Kids

Taking into consideration the size and weight of your child, the ideas presented here are designed (generally) to meet the needs of a child 11 years and younger.

Begin by buying a quality backpack, then fill it with the appropriate items from the list below.

Feel free to personalize as needed for your child or children.

Food and Water:

  • 6 - Food Bars/Granola Bars
  • 6 boxes or packages water and/or Juice in Foil Packets
  • 10 Water Purification Tablets (each tablet purifies 1 liter of water)
  • Crackers/Cereals (for munching)
  • Small Cans Tuna, Vienna Sausages, etc.
  • Candy (not anything that will melt) and gum
  • Small Flashlight
  • 5-in-1 Survival Whistle
  • 3 Green Emergency Glow Sticks - lasts for 24 hours each


  • Polar Fleece Blanket
  • Emergency Poncho for Children
  • Body Warmer and/or Hand Warmers
  • Warm Winter Gloves
  • Emergency Space Blanket


  • Change of Clothing (depending on the bulk and weight of the bag - otherwise put in adult bag)
  • Undergarments

Hygiene and Sanitation:

  • Hygiene Kit - Includes soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and 9 wet wipes.
  • 3 Pocket Tissue Packs

First Aid:

  • Small Pocket First Aid Kit
  • N95 Respirator Dust Mask - NIOSH approved


  • Activity Coloring Book with Crayons
  • Childrens Toys - jump rope, paddle with ball, books, etc.


  1. Update your child's bug out bag every six months (put a note in your calendar/planner) to make sure that all food, water, and medication is fresh and has not expired, and clothing fits.
  2. Small toys/games are important too as they will provide some comfort and entertainment during a stressful time.
  3. Older children can be responsible for their own pack of items/clothes too.
  4. Every child's backpack should have a laminated page with parents' names and phone numbers, home address, local emergency contact people as well as one or more who are further away (a grandmother or other relative out of state). If a child gets separated from parents during an emergency, this information is vital.

Personalize this bug out bag list for your children. Add or subtract according to likes, dislikes, and needs of each.

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