Can I dehydrate pre-cooked, peeled shrimp?

by David

I will be getting an Excalibur food dryer soon and already have a Food Saver vacuum sealer. Is it dangerous from a food spoilage point, for me to buy pre-cooked and peeled shrimp (or any meats or seafood), dehydrate them, vacuum seal the shrimp and keep at room temperature....and rehydrate them later when needed?

The whole point of my emergency preps is to assume the power is out and there is no refrigeration. During the Hurricane Ike I was w/o power for 17 days and had to leave home and stay with relatives. I'd like to be better prepared next time..... Thank you

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Dehydrating Shrimp
by: Mike

I've dried the frozen precooked shrimp several times and they are OK.

I usually thaw them out quickly, rinse them and put them on the dehydrator trays for about 12 hours at ~165ºF.

They are a bit more difficult to rehydrate, compared to ground beef, but eventually they get there and they are great tasting in one pot meals with lots of veggies such as dried...precooked rice, snow peas, bean sprouts, broccoli, celery etc.

What is the shelf life?
by: Anonymous

Anyone know what the shelf life of these shrimp would be if sealed in mylar with oxygen absorbers?

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