Canned Goods and a FoodSaver

by Karly C.
(Palm Bay, Fl. )



I have tons of "canned vegetables" as in from the store, such as Green Giant. I find that the cans weigh a lot. I wanted to make them more portable. I am rationing food and trying to make it MRE style. Will this work if I open the cans and use the food saver? I'm also wondering how it would have to be stored. (if it needs to be refrigerated or frozen) I also have store bought canned spaghetti sauce. Could I ration this in food saver bags and still have it without a freezer/refrigerator?


It's true, cans are heavy. I only used canned goods in my regular rotating and eating schedule. I'm not counting on them for really long term storage - not more than a year, 2 at most.

I don't think they would last any longer vacuum sealed than canned. Vacuum sealing for long term works best with dried foods. It's also best for any food you want to freeze to prevent freezer burn.

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