Emergency Food Storage: Be an Old-Time Pioneer

by Everyone's Mom

Emergency food storage becomes less of a mental burden if you adjust your thinking. You are no longer a modern urbanite; you are now a brave and adventurous old-time pioneer. You cannot run to the store every two days. Nobody makes things for you. You must make it for yourself.

Now RELAX and breathe deep.

  • Make a goal

  • Think

  • Learn to cook

  • Make it from scratch, it tastes better anyway.

  • Do you want a 3-month supply? How much do you use now of what?

  • Do you use 5lbs of sugar in 3 months, or 50lbs.? Store that.

  • Do you use 1qt. of oil in 3 months, or 6? Store that.

  • Continue, and be happy.

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