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by Carla

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealers

What is the research on how long a FoodSaver is shelf stable for long term and best way to ensure quality?


I'm pretty sure you mean, how long "the food sealed by a FoodSaver" is shelf stable for long term.

The only answer is: it depends on the food product and the storage conditions.

Sealing dehydrated foods with FoodSaver bags (or using canning bottles) is no different than sealing dehydrated foods in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. The key in both methods is that the food is sufficiently dehydrated.

Storing foods that are not dehydrated in FoodSaver bags means that the food product should be stored in the refrigerator, or for longer term, the freezer.

As to the best way to ensure quality:

1. Make sure food is fresh and clean before sealing.

2. Store properly: Dehydrated foods - store in a cool, dark, dry environment. Other foods (not dehydrated) - store in the refrigerator or freezer.

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