Freezing food after it's been sealed in Mylar

by Mia

Can food such as flour, rice, beans, wheat which has been sealed in Mylar bags and stored in buckets be frozen and then thawed?

Living in MN and having limited storage, I am desperately trying to find out if I can store my buckets of Mylar bag filled food where it is exposed to the elements. We have months here it is very warm and humid and also months where it freezes for months on end.

Wow! I don't have a definitive answer for you, but I personally would worry more about the warm and humid months than the cold. I also would probably not expose any of my food storage to the elements, even if I had to use it for tables, stack behind the couch, in closets, or under beds.

The issue is the food being exposed to extremes of temperature. Every time food is frozen and then thawed, the cell structure is changed. For some foods, this doesn't matter too much, and it may not change the taste or texture. But it would be an expensive experiment to see what happens with each food product.

You might want to go to the Univ. of Minnesota Extension website ( and see if they have any information about this or a phone number you can call and ask. If anyone knows about storing food in Minnesota, they should be the experts.

I hope they can help you more than I can.

Thank you

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