Can I Use Grocery Store Foods
For Long Term Storage?

This is a good question and has been asked by several people. But the answer is - it depends. To begin, I have a page ( that may help with some products but it's not really about long term storage; rather it's about short term storage, unless freezing the foods. 

But to answer you question more directly, most store-bought items can be stored longer if they do not have any fats or oils listed in the ingredients. Products such as sugar, salt, white rice, beans, grains, and pastas, all of which are already dry foods or dehydrated, can be stored just in your pantry or cupboard for a year or more straight from the store. All can be stored long term if packaged in Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, or vacuum sealed with a FoodSaver (or other type of vacuum sealer). The exceptions to this type of packaging are sugar and salt - neither needs to be vacuum packed, nor should they ever be packaged with oxygen absorbers. They have a chemical reaction with oxygen absorbers that ruins the taste - makes sugar, in particular, taste - well, sort of chemical. Sugar and salt will store indefinitely with no special packaging, except to put into containers that will keep out bugs or varmints (depending on where they are stored).

There are products, like pancake mixes and cake mixes, that have no oils or fats included. These can also be vacuum sealed (or use oxygen absorbers) for longer term storage. 

No matter what you decide to store, the shelf life of most foods, as always, depends on the storage conditions: cool temps (70 degrees or less), no oxygen, low moisture, low light.


Long Term Food Storage Made Easy

There are even buckets of cold cereal available such as Honey Oat Clusters, Corn Puffs, Berry Crunchy, Toasted Cinnamin, Fruity O's, Cocoa Crunchies, Mini Frosted Squares, Frosted Flakes, and Honey Nut Cereals.

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