Have a Home Food Storage Party

by John Wesley Smith
(Hallsville, MO, USA)

I recommend doing what some friends invited us to do a few years ago. We had a meal made only from MRE's (meals ready to eat). It was an enjoyable experience. We had not tried MRE's before.

Another time during warm weather we tried different foods cooked with different methods outdoors. Some of it was cooked in a Dutch oven, some was cooked over a small camping stove, and a dessert was cooked earlier that day in a solar cooker. Everyone was involved in some way, and the kids enjoyed it.

These events gave us a chance to experience foods, recipes, and low tech methods we were otherwise unfamiliar with. I don't recall trying any freeze dried or dehydrated food purchased commercially, but trying various items would be worth doing.

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It's a party!
by: Admin

What a fun and constructive idea! I will definitely have to plan a party like this.

I personally love cooking in my Dutch oven.

Thank you for this great suggestion and for visiting my site.

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