How to Store Powdered Milk Long Term

by Sharon

I have stored boxes of dry milk. Enough that I have extra but not enough that I won't use it before it goes out of date. That is assuming I continue to have access to real milk. I just have this sitting on a shelf because I assume it is ok as long as it is used prior to the expiration date (or thereabouts)

If however I could not get real milk I am sure the amount of dry milk I have would NOT be enough to last very long.

So I feel as if maybe I need to get more. BUT if I have real milk I would not use the larger amount of dry milk before it goes out of date.

Does that make ANY sense??? Round and round we go. So my question is for longer term storage how to you store things like dry milk? Leave it in the boxes? Dump it out into buckets?

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You ask a very good question. Rather than buy powered milk from the grocery store, look into specially packaged powdered milk. (Click on the link and see what you think.) One brand will last 8-10 years; the other states 20 years (unless you open it to use). I haven't tried it yet but they claim it's as good as 2% milk in the bottle.

Thanks for bringing up a very useful topic.


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