I Would Probably Panic

by L.J.

1. I think first of all I would panic because I am not prepared and then I would definitely worry about my son because he is worse off than we are. And yes I would be scared. Then I would try to contact my family and find some way we could come together. and face thing together.

2. I think the average American would go into a frenzy and start buying everything out and there would be chaos everywhere and people mostly would have no regard for anyone else until their needs were met. Most people would go into a self-preservation mode at any cost. Then there are those that would destroy things, loot, protest, form gangs, and go into the "poor me why am I being picked on" mode.

3.I think militarily this country is more than prepared but keeping order would be the biggest challenge.

4. Gasoline, food, water, guns ammo everything necessary for everyday living.

5. I have to say I would prepare by stockpiling paper goods, hygiene and first aid items garbage bags, disinfectants, bleach, soap, rubber gloves, masks. Not to be forgotten of course is food and things I could trade. Quite frankly if you followed the advice of the Bosnian survivor you would be in fairly good shape. I love all his ideas. Have I done it? Some. My husband says he would for sure stock up on cigarette lighters, maybe some booze for trading, and guns and ammo, some kind of radio, extra batteries, flashlights, maybe some gold or silver etc. I would have a plan to get out of the city asap and go to a remote area.

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