Insects in Stored Oats


Storing Oats

Storing Oats

Can oats (for oatmeal) sealed in Mylar bags get bugs, worms, etc.?

I have read horrible stories of people finding larvae and worms in rolled oats, or floating in the pot when cooking.


Short answer - no. Bugs, weevils usually, cannot live in an environment of no oxygen or moisture. If the oats were properly packaged (I assume since they are in Mylar bags), then there should be no oxygen or moisture inside.

That said, all grains can have larvae in them when purchased. When the grains are properly packaged (as mentioned above), the insects cannot develop or grow. However, once the container is opened, there is a possibility that the larvae could "awake" and grow into adult weevils. It would just depend on how long the grain is left in an unsealed condition. We have kept a bucket of oats in our basement for months, using it as needed, and it has no weevils in it.

If weevils show up and you happen to cook them, they will not make you sick - other than seeing them floating in the food may make some a bit nauseous.

(pictured above) Oats from Emergency Essentials are packaged with oxygen absorbers in Mylar bags to keep them bug-free with a shelf life of 25+ years.

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