It depends

by Linda
(Whidbey Island, WA)

On where it breaks out. Our economy yes, is tied to most other developed countries, however no to North Korea's, and the leader there is even crazier than our own!

If war breaks out on US soil it would require an enormous retaliation. If it breaks out on one of our allies we might not be affected nearly as much. We would be in with our allies fighting.

It depends on how the fighting is done. A nuke for a nuke? It would be over rather quickly. But sending troops to continue what wasn't finished in the 1950s would affect us more personally.

What would be rationed? While fighting on one front would another enemy declare war (as Hitler did) thinking we were too weak to hit back? My worry is that we don't have the heavy industries we had in years gone by that make steel, aluminum, all those computer ships and new things we get from China!

In war, we Americans have always banded together because we knew what the agenda was. We didn't flounder with our heads in a phone or the clouds. We found purpose and suddenly it became very clear that we were saving our democracy from evil. I think that same spirit would arise again.

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