Keeping food in the refrigerator



My wife and I have had a long lasting disagreement on how long cooked food can be kept in the refrigerator. My wife has a policy of 3 days and then it's thrown out. I have no problem with that, however, we disagree on how those 3 days are counted. If she cooks something on a Wednesday, she says that Friday is the last day it can be eaten. I say that it can still be eaten on Saturday but then throw anything out after that. I have eaten plenty of leftovers over the years using my way of counting days and have never gotten sick.


(Hmmm...I never would have dreamed that someone would want me to solve marital disagreements on this site ;)) Since this website is mainly about long term food storage and survival, I really can't solve the issue for you, but my motto has always been, "When in doubt - throw it out."

Now that supposes that you are both correct because of the what you believe about the safety and condition of the food. So to be more definitive, I personally open the food and smell it and look for red, black, green, or white mold (mold comes in different colors depending on the type of food). It if doesn't smell right or has any mold - out it goes. If everything looks/smells ok, we eat it.

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