Long term storage from bulk foods


Hi, I bought from bulk foods rye flakes, TVP textured Vegetable protein, Organic spelt flakes and Kamut flakes, some over two years in storage in plastic bags.

Are they still suitable for human consumption or I can dump into my compost?



It depends on the storage conditions. Were they stored in a cool, dry, dark place? If so, I suspect they are just fine.

You might just open them and see if they're still good. You will be able to tell by the smell or may see if they are moldy or have bugs.

If there are no signs of mold or bugs, they are probably fine. I can't vouch for the nutrient content, however, and neither can you for sure.

You might want to repackage them, if they're still good, in Mylar bags, including oxygen absorbers, and put in buckets.

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