Mylar Bags for Storing Noodles

by Ruth
(Dunkirk, NY, USA)

Any suggestions on how to long term store noodles without crushing them?


As long as you are not vacuum packing them (which might crush them), just add oxygen absorbers and seal up the Mylar bag.

Since pasta comes dried from the store, you could even cut a small slit in the original packaging and store as many packages as will fit in a Mylar bag. Drop the oxygen absorbers into the Mylar bag and seal.

Pasta can get a bit rancid but the O2 absorbers should retard that and the shelf life should be about 5 years. I personally would just rotate them into regular menus. If you do this, then you wouldn't need to put them in Mylar bags at all. They will keep quite a long time.

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Storing Noodles
by: Ruth

Thanks I'm still trying to store new items - there's so much to learn.


Yes, unfortunately, there is, Ruth. Stick with us - one step at a time and soon you'll have it all down pat. :)

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