Mylar in totes instead of 5 gallon buckets

by Thomas
(Massachusetts )

Two questions if I may, can I store my food in Mylar bags with o2 in totes instead of 5 gallon buckets.

Second question is it ok to store those totes or 5 gallon buckets close to my home heating fuel tank, will the Mylar keep out fumes. Thank you.


Thomas, I'm not sure what "totes" are but I would guess it would be fine. The Mylar bags do come big enough for the 5-gallon buckets but I guess you could cut them to size or fold them.

As for the heating fuel tank - I really don't know. We don't have heating fuel tanks out here in the West - we have natural gas piped into the house to run the furnace and water heater.

So, being that I have no knowledge of heating fuel tanks, I really don't know if Mylar bags will keep out fumes.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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Mylar in totes
by: Anonymous

I would hesitate to store a Mylar bag in a tote such as Rubbermaid or the like. The reason is when you store your bag in a food safe bucket you still must not have it on a concrete floor because the chemicals in the floor can leech into the food. So, if concrete chemicals can get through a bucket and the Mylar, surely the chemicals in the tote can do the same.

As for the fuel tank, I live in Oregon, in the country, and we have propane for heat so we also have a tank. Our tank, by law, must be a specific distance away from the house. My husband says he would not store our food near the tank no matter where it was. Hope that helps!


First: cement only leaches chemicals when it gets hot. If you’re going to store your food or water in your garage, where the sun heats up the connecting driveway cement, then yes, I’d consider raising your barrels/buckets up on floor boards or such. (Bad place for food anyway.)

Second: The person asking the question does not have propane tanks. He lives in Massachusetts where they have heating oil. It is an oil - not a gas, and not explosive like propane. The heating oil is kept inside their homes.

But thanks for your comments.

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