Repacking Freeze Dried Food

by Jess

#10 Cans of Freeze Dried Foods

#10 Cans of Freeze Dried Foods

I would like to open #10 cans and combine various ingredients into jars making our own meals. If using O2 absorbers and vacuum sealing then kept in a cool dark environment, will they still keep for 25 years? If not, how long will the ingredients stay good?


I don't really know but I don't see why they wouldn't last just as long using the same methods (O2 and vacuum sealing) and in the same storage environment as a #10 cans.

I was thinking of doing this myself. Let's do it! :)

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Re-Packaging #10 Cans
by: Sue

Think this would probably work just fine. As far as using jars, unless you have lots of them I would really recommend mylar bags for several reasons.

Jars are heavy, take up a lot of space, are not very portable if you need to grab food in a hurry to go, and there is a good expense in buying them and them lids and/or rings as you re-use your jars. After purchasing 4 dz. jars at a cost of over $50 I switched over to mylar bags.

I ordered through which I found to be the best price. They will send you a sample of each of their mil bags for $6 which was a great way to get acquainted.

I ended up ordering 100 qt. bags WITH 300 cc oxygen absorbers for $25. Also got a few gallon bags for starters. I found I can pack more in a quart bag than a jar on some of my meals in a jar. Also, if it works out, you can cut any unused portion of the bag, seal the opposite end and have another small bag for seasonings, silverware or whatever.

Good luck and it'd be nice for a follow-up from you to see how it worked out for you. I have several #10 cans I'd like to smish down into mylar bags as well :)

Repacking Freeze Dried Food
by: Jess

Thank you both! :)
I ordered Mylar bags, what an excellent suggestion and great site! Debating purchasing their heat sealer, is this what you use? I hear you can also use the FoodSaver or an iron, but I want to get a really good long term seal and would love your feedback.
Happy planning!


An iron or a hair flat iron - either works really well.

Repacking Freeze Dried Food
by: Vicki S

I am not 100% sure where I heard it, but I heard that if you repackage your freeze dried foods that they only last five years. But even with that, you would probably use them before then anyway. I am a new Thrive Life consultant and have read so much information about freeze dried foods over the past couple of months, that I don't remember where I read the five year shelf life. If I find it, I will let you know.


I have read that also on the Honeyville, Chef Tess website.

Mylar bags and oxygen absorber
by: Anonymous

Check out the LDS cannery website. They sell oxygen absorbers for a good price. They also sell the bags and sealer. In fact I think the sealer is cheaper there. They also have a decent selection of online items. If you live near one of the canneries, they offer a lot more. You don't have to be Mormon to order from them. So far my shipping was only $3.00 each time.

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