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Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer

Can anyone explain why all the instructions say to store plain flour instead of self-rising? I want to store baking mixes and self-rising flour and self-rising cornmeal instead of plain. Is there a really strong reason for storing the flour and meal separate from the baking soda and powder, etc.? Storing the whole grain is not an option for me for a number of reasons.

So, I am trying to work out a plan to portion my goods into daily or weekly amounts in buckets in such a way that I can remove a day’s worth at a time and not have to open large quantities.

Any helpful ideas will be greatly appreciated.



I'm not sure where you found instructions that say you should store plain flour instead of self-rising, but I see no problem with it.

Self-rising flour is just flour with baking powder included. There are many retail outlets that sell mixes already packaged for long term storage - and they obviously include baking powder - like Honeyville Food Products. They are usually in #10 cans, but you can buy in bulk an re-package your own into smaller packages. The key is to sufficiently remove the oxygen and moisture. A vacuum food sealer would do this nicely.

Here's another reader who is packaging foods the way that you describe: Storing Multiple Foods in the Same Bucket.

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Food Storage in Buckets
by: Mercedes

I store a variety of items in Mylar bags in a bucket. I find in the long run it simplifies things for me.

I buy the big plastic buckets with lids at Walmart and store for example all my sugar in one and flour in another. I am doing this as I am planning on moving and want all my storage together.

My other dry mixes are in Mylar bags 1 gal size with oxygen absorbers and those are in the food grade buckets.

I even purchased two big buckets with toilet lids through Emergency Essentials®
and filled them with sanitation emergency items. A MUST have.

Do what is comfortable for your family. I am also ordering SAF yeast that can go in the freezer for baking bread for long term storage.

So much to learn I thank God for Family Survival Planning thank you ...


Thank you, Mercedes! I'm happy I could provide useful information. You are really making great progress on your supplies!

Joan (Admin)

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