Storing Cooked Food

(Somerset ky)

Is it possible to cook meat or veggies then place in a bag mylar with a oxygen absorber?


Cooked food needs to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer - unless it is dehydrated. If it is cooked, then dehydrated, it can then be placed in a Mylar bag with oxygen absorbers and sealed in a container.

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prepared foods in Mylar
by: Rayola

Is there any knowledge on storing prepared,(cooked) stews, soups, etc., and storing them in Mylar bag just like mountain house or seeds of change type meals?

We live in earthquake country and I would love not to have the glass due to breakage.


Totally understand - we live in (potential) earthquake country too. There really is no safe way to keep cooked foods in Mylar bags unless the food is dehydrated, freeze dried, or kept in the freezer.

I keep my home bottled foods in the boxes that the bottles came in (they have dividers) and they are stored on the bottom shelves in my basement storage room.

There are also bottle storage containers made of plastic that will help keep the bottles safe (called Bottle Keepers or something like that.) I have seen them at Walmart lately. I haven't examined them closely to see how well they might work.

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