Storing Non-Wheat Flour

by Michelle

My son has food allergies and am wondering if I can preserve the flours I use for him in Mylar with O2 absorbers. We use these types of flours- millet, chick pea, teff, almond, coconut, white & brown rice, sorghum, potato, oat etc. Trying to find a way to include it all in our food storage....

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Storing Non-Wheat Flour
by: Joan

You can, but keep in mind that the shelf life of flour, in general, is not as long as the seed, berry, kernel, or nut it comes from. Also, each of those you mentioned will have varying amounts of oil, nuts in particular have quite a bit of oil in them, which makes them difficult to store long term.

So it really depends on how long you want these products to last on your shelf. If you're planning for longer shelf life, it would be better to store the original products, like whole rice, oats, dehydrated potatoes, oats, etc. Then purchase a grain grinder and have fresh flours when you need them. Electric grinders are excellent as long as you have electricity. A hand-powered back up is great for times when there might not be electricity.

This is a good hand-powered grain mill:

WonderMill Junior Hand Mill

WonderMill Junior Hand Mill Deluxe

This is a great electric type:

WonderMill Wheat Grinder
The WonderMill Electric Wheat Grinder


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