Storing Propane and Lamp Oil

by Bonnie

I am bit by bit working on emergency items. (Single mother of 4 teen boys, it is one piece at a time. LOL) I would like to know how long and where do I store propane and lamp oil. I have 4 propane tanks for my gas grill. But I also have about 10 canisters for a little camp stove. Plus I have about 5 gal of lamp oil (with extra wicks). I live in central Utah and currently have them stored in my garage. Can I store them in plastic totes or buckets away from my house. I am concerned about having it in my home and I am also concerned about the weather conditions and storing these items. Thank you very much for your time and assistance.

Important question, Bonnie. I can understand why you are working on emergency items a bit at a time with 4 teen boys and all by yourself. :)

As for the propane tanks, it is very dangerous to store them anywhere inside your house or garage. We leave ours outside year around - winter or summer (we live in the Salt Lake valley). So, yes, store them somewhere away from the house. I'm assuming the small canisters are also propane. If so, store them any way you like - just not in the house or garage. Propane is a very dangerous explosive gas - if even a little bit leaks out and something sparks it . . . well, I don't mean to scare you, but if 4 full propane tanks exploded, it would probably take out your entire house if they are stored inside.

The lamp oil is okay to store inside. We keep a couple of 10 gallon cans of kerosene in our basement. Even though kerosene burns well, it is not easily explosive and neither is lamp oil.

Good luck with your preparations. One piece at a time is better than nothing.

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lamp Oil bottles
by: Lil Peg

I stored several lamp oil bottles & when I went to fill the lamps, most of the fuel has evaporated.....
They come in plastic, is there something I can transfer the oil into so it will be there when I need it??

I would think that metal containers would prevent evaporation. Lamp oil is not much different than kerosene. We bought some orange 5 gallon containers at Walmart (about $16 each) that are specifically made for fuels of all types. They are thick and have a special pour spout which stores inside the lid. We have stored a lot of kerosene in these and cannot see any signs of evaporation. Here's a link to the fuel cans at Walmart.

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