Storing rice and pinto beans

by Margaret
(Western NC)

FoodSaver Cannisters

FoodSaver Cannisters

Can you store dried beans, rice, and pasta in clean applesauce jars with O2 absorbers for long term storage?? These have the screw-on lids. If so, what would the length of time be??


You can store dried beans, rice, and pasta in anything you like without O2 absorbers and they will last for a couple of years.

But if you want long term storage (25 years), they would need to be stored in something that can be sealed with O2 absorbers inside. Used glass bottles would be fine if they had lids that could be sealed.

It is possible to seal those types of bottles if they have a rubber ring inside the lid (or if a canning lid would fit), and if you use a FoodSaver canister. Put the filled bottle inside the canister. Using the tubing that comes with a FoodSaver vacuum sealer, it sucks out the air and seals the bottle lid inside the canister. Works pretty slick!

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