Storing Salt and Sugar in Ice Cream Buckets

by Anne
(Cedar Rapids, IA)

I have 4 teenage boys and we go through about 2 of the one gallon plastic ice cream buckets every week. Can I use these to store sugar, salt, rice, beans, etc. if I put oxygen absorbers in with them? I'm trying to store these for as long as possible. Thanks!


I don't see a problem with doing that as long as you use Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. I doubt that the ice cream buckets are air tight so sealing the food in Mylar bags with O2 absorbers would solve that problem.

That being said, don't use O2 absorbers in sugar. Sugar, as well as salt, will last indefinitely. The only key to storing them long term is that the lids fit tight enough to keep bugs out of the container. As you know, ants LOVE sugar and other bugs love our food too.

Also, moisture can be a problem for sugar and salt. Not that they will spoil, but they will get clumps or harden completely if there is too much moisture. So store them in the coolest, driest area you have. You might consider putting desiccant packets into them to keep the moisture content low if you live in a high humidity area.

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storing salt or sugar in ice cream buckets
by: Anonymous

After running out of mylar bags I used 2 ice cream buckets to finsh storing my dry beans I put in a couple of o2 packets after about a week or so I noticed unlike my others items stored the ice cream buckets had air in them the o2 packet was hard.. Basically I wasted my o2 packets and had to repack my beans in mylar bags with fresh o2 packets..

I still like O2 abs.s in salt
by: SM

Is it bad to put O2 absorbers in salt? I had read it wasn't necessary, but I still like to do it. Why? Because the reaction creates a vacuum in my bag, so I can see if my seal is good. I like doing it for this reason. So, is it actually bad to put O2 absorbers in salt or sugar? Thanks.


It is not necessary, nor is it a good idea. The O2 absorbers create a chemical reaction with sugar, especially, that makes it taste funny. I don't know if it's harmful, but it certainly isn't desirable.

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