What in the Heck is a 'Tactical Pen'?

Sure, it's a pen — for writing — just as other pens are. But when the word "tactical" is used to describe anything, you can safely assume that it has other uses not associated with writing. The word comes from military and police vernacular and usually means the object can be used as a weapon.

A pen can always be used to poke someone's eye out in a self-defense situation, but a tactical pen is more. These types of pens are made of military grade aluminum or machined steel. As a self-defense weapon, however, regular pens, made of plastic usually, will just not be as effective or lethal.

The Tactical LED Pen by SurvivalHax

When SurvivalHax asked if I would like to review their tactical pen, I readily agreed because I had never seen one in person — only in pictures. Besides that, I discuss personal self-defense (here), but I only cover firearms. A tactical pen is another option for protecting yourself.

[Disclaimer: SurvivalHax sent the pen to me, free of charge, if I would use it and provide an honest review.]

We recently went on vacation to a place away from any big city. Not only was the entire galaxy visible in the night sky without city lights, but it was totally dark inside the cottage and outside on the patio. If you've ever been in a non-familiar place, at night, and it's totally dark, you can appreciate how much we loved this little pen with a bright LED light! It certainly kept us from tripping over furniture or running into doorways on the way to the bathroom at night.

The SurvivalHax tactical pen is made of military grade aviation aluminum alloy with a tungsten cone tip. The tip is definitely hard enough to break glass if necessary (I have not tried this).

All tactical pens have some usefulness and all of them have different features. This pen has several features, some not seen on other pens, such as:

  • A fully functional LED flashlight.
  • A magnesium flint to start fires..
  • An easy to refill ballpoint pen.
  • A very useful self-defense kubotan
  • A glass breaker if needed to break into a car if someone is trapped inside.

A Self-Defense Tool

I was especially interested in the fact that it can be used as a kubotan. We all know that we cannot fly any airline packing a firearm. So just having this sturdy pen in my purse is a comfort to me when I plan to fly anywhere. It's so inconspicuous — shows up under X-ray as just a pen, right? And, it actually writes smoothly, like a "fine" expensive pen.

I do wish it had a push-button click to use it for writing rather than taking off the lid, but it's a small inconvenience considering the screw-on tungsten pen tip is the part that can break windows.

Watch this video that shows the ways it can be used:

Seriously, everyone should have a tactical pen — in your shirt pocket or purse. It's so handy!

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