There Would Be Much Chaos

by S.H.

1. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect you and your family?

I would probably be concerned for my sons – but fortunately – I think they are all past the age of drafting. I would also think that the possibility of life as we know it would be coming to an end. My husband thinks it will be the final occurrence before the second coming of the Savior.

2. If World War 3 were to break out, how do you believe it would affect the average American?

The average American would probably get very agitated and run around trying to store and hoard things that they might think would be in short supply - though many would not even be aware of what is happening until it is too late to react.

3. What challenges do you think we would face here – in this country?

Managing the mob mentality and the hysteria which often accompanies a disaster – but I think it would also be a time when many would willingly step up to help one another. If the War would be in our land – of course, the transportation of people and goods would be seriously impacted, shelter, food, medical treatment, and hospitals would all be interrupted. Our communication would also be affected.

4. What shortages do you predict would occur?

Food resources – possibly because of transportation and also people fearing they would be left without food. Also, medical supplies, prescription medications, and people to manage all our resources would probably be impacted.

5. How would you prep for this?

Unfortunately, we in our house – procrastinate our preparation by adopting the attitude that it can’t happen to us. Well, we actually know that it can, so we have stored food and water and some other necessities, but we haven’t taken full advantage of the many emergency planning resources that are available. We have a long way to go if World War III comes soon. One thing I plan to do is to gather all our documents and other information needed for our family to know.

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