Used Plastic Barrels for Food Storage

by Dennis
(Berlin, Md.)

I have plastic barrels that pharmaceuticals came in. They are air tight when sealed. I plan to put many cans of vegetables and Armor canned meat that I buy right off the grocer's shelf in them. I will fill the barrels on a low dew point day with a desiccant and a lit candle to burn the remaining oxygen in the barrel.I was thinking about iron filings to further absorb oxygen. These barrels will be stored in my cellar that is damp in the summer, dry in the winter but at a good temperature year around.

My question is how can I store flour, wheat, white rice, powdered butter, milk, pasta, dry pinto beans, powdered potatoes,and powdered eggs in them?


Use Mylar bags inside them. Put the Mylar into the barrels, fill with food product, put in oxygen absorbers and desiccant packets, then seal. Watch the video here about how to do it to make them oxygen-free.

I don't know how big your barrels are, but the Mylar bags are pretty big. Hope this works for you.

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