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Review of Valley Food Storage

UPDATE: Valley Food Storage now carries fruits, vegetables, and meats - all are freeze-dried and, I might add, delicious. As of this update, I have taste-tested them all, and I love them. I was munching the chicken right out of the package. It has a clean, fresh, and all chicken taste. There is nothing added - it's just tasty chicken.

Recently I was asked if I would review the foods at Valley Food Storage. I was reluctant for two reasons: 1) the foods only include meals and sides (no individually packaged fruits and vegetables) and, 2) they're dehydrated (some of the recipe ingredients are freeze dried). I really prefer freeze dried for my long term storage, which I'll explain later.

But then I figured, hey, why not try them? They offered to send me samples to taste-test — and they sent three different dinners. I'll get to each of them in a minute.

First I wanted to see the complete offerings on their website, so I clicked on their link and read every page. I was impressed!

They have done extensive testing of the many types of foods for storage for their own families. They were not impressed with what they found in other foods.

  • Some foods on the market have too many fillers. (Who wants to pay for fillers or "fill up" their childrens' tummies with them.)
  • Many are not free of MSG nor do they have GMO-free products. Most don't even mention whether their food contains those or not.
  • There were no gluten-free choices.
  • Some foods contained hydrogenated oils and unhealthy preservatives.

So . . . they hired their own food scientists to come up with the best processes and ingredients they could find, as well as great recipes. They scoured the markets for quality foods instead of just buying from commercial factories. They researched for the best Mylar bags and each one is nitrogen flushed.

The Products

They have come up with some delicious recipes! For breakfast there are a variety of pancake mixes, oatmeal cereals with fruits, cream of wheat cereals, and muffin-waffle mix.

For lunch and dinner, there are some delicious choices, like Enchilada Beans & Rice, Chili Mac, Mac & Cheese, Pasta Primavera, Southern Style Chicken and Rice Soup, Mango Habanero Chili, and several more! (Note, however, that even though the word "chicken" may be in the titles, there is no actual meat in any of the meals.)

New Product

UPDATE: Valley Food Storage now has fruits, vegetables, and meats - beef dices, beef crumbles, chicken, sausage crumbles, and freeze-dried cheeses.

New Product: Freeze-dried Asparagus
Valley Food Storage Valley Food Storage Valley Food Storage Valley Food Storage

Monthly Plans

You know how difficult it is to keep track of what you should buy and how much and then remember to purchase the food this month or next. Valley Food Storage has put together some monthly subscription plans to make it easier for you to regularly add to your food storage. To add a monthly subscription of great food takes the work out of it for you. It's as easy as choosing a plan and it shows up at your door once a month.

The Basic Plan is a great way to get started on your food storage plans — or affordably add to the food storage you now have. The subscription bundle gives you three entrees and one breakfast for a total of 30 servings for $49.95. So for about $50 a month you will have stored 3.5 months worth of food in one year.

Because the global economy is SO unstable right now, you may be interested in a quicker way to prepare your family. If you purchase the One Year Value Kit priced at $998.95, you will have enough for one person for an entire year.

Remember, there is no MSG and all the food is NON-GMO, no fillers and of the highest quality. The shelf life will actually hold up to the 25 year promise. These criteria are important for my family.

I'm sure you've noticed all the bad news being thrown at us. So many stories about civil unrest, terrorism, increased crime, race wars, financial catastrophes, economic collapse.

If you're anything like me, all this bad news has spurred your prepping with a new sense of urgency.

The very fastest way to increase your food supply is so simple you won't believe it.

Subscribing to a Monthly Food Plan - you choose the plan and cost.

Here's what we sampled.

We tried the Irish Pub Cheddar Potato Soup, the Pasta Primavera, and the White Bean Lime Chili. All were superb! My favorite was the Pasta Primavera . . . or maybe the Potato Soup . . . oh, I don't know; I loved them all. I added a little meat and some veggies which made them a complete meal for us (yes, we're meat and potatoes kind of folks). Each package states that there are five servings, but for the two of us, there were six meals in each.

As I stated earlier, I prefer freeze dried foods for my long term storage. The reason is that dehydrated foods take 20-30 minutes to prepare. In a grid down situation where fuel is precious or scarce, cooking for that long takes too much fuel and each package requires about 5 cups of water. Freeze dried requires a cup or two of boiling (or at least hot) water and 5 or 10 minutes to rehydrate.

But I'm not ruling out these Valley Food Storage products. No way! Not every situation is a crisis short of fuel or water. I will use these products in the future — or tomorrow for dinner. Having a supply of these products in my pantry makes deciding what to fix for dinner on a busy day a no-brainer.

Only High Quality Ingredients

They contain only high quality ingredients. This is "real" food, prepared without the fillers and preservatives. You know exactly what is in each meal — just as if you were preparing it from scratch in your own kitchen.

And best of all, they're delicious! Can't wait to try some of the sides/desserts!

Valley Food Storage foods have a 25 year shelf life + free shipping on all orders.

Disclaimer: The samples we taste-tested were sent to us for free. I then wrote my review and subsequently joined their affiliate program. Links on this page are affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Valley Food Storage as well as this website.

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