WW3 Is Not a Happy Subject

by Viv

This isn't a happy thing to think about but could be a possibility. I asked my husband for his input since he is more into emergency preparedness now than I am. So here is his reply:

1. If WW3 were to break out how do you believe it would affect you and your family:

It definitely would depend on where it is being fought. Food storage would be needed. Items we get from other countries would be unavailable. The stores would soon be depleted by looters or sold out. There would soon be gas rationing. We may have to defend our supplies. Our grandchildren would be drafted. We would have to help our children. Having a support group would be essential, those on their own won't make it.This also means having families pull together.

2. If WW3 were to break out how do you believe it would affect the average American:

- Most people live strictly out of the grocery store. Again supplies would be quickly depleted. There would be starving people scrounging for food. There would be desperate people trying to get food and the necessities to survive.

3. What challenges do you think we would face here in this country:

- It would take 2 months for things to get organized, so we would be on our own until that happened. 72-hour kits or 3 months supply would be depleted quickly. The Church would more than likely pull together the foods to be distributed among each area.

4. How would you prepare for this:

- We believe in food storage, Also having guns to protect ourselves with ammo. We are also trying to make the community more aware if there are emergencies and how to prepare.

5. What shortages do you predict would occur:

- Gas, fresh fruit & veg, meats, ammo, seeds to plant gardens.

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