Stay Informed With an Emergency Radio

During any kind of disaster where electricity is interrupted, an emergency radio would be a good investment for keeping in contact with the outside world.

Solar/battery operated radios will work when your cell phone won't — not that they do the same thing, but most emergency radios also have cell phone chargers built in. A solar, battery operated, or wind-up radio will come in handy when you really need it.

Here are some examples of some affordable, multifunction radios to add to your survival supplies:

Kaito solar powered radio

It's important to stay informed during an emergency. I purchased this little radio, the Kaito Deluxe Dynamo Solar Radio, and it has pretty good sound if you just want to listen to music. We take it camping just for that reason. I leave it sitting on a window sill so it is always charged.

It has AM, FM, Short Wave, Weather, and TV sound and can operate without electricity or batteries.

The heavy duty crank is engineered to last and just two minutes of crank time gives you an hour of listening time.

Four hours of charging in the sun and the internal battery lasts about 24 hours and the radio will run about 100 hours on 3 AA batteries.

Eton solar powered radio

The Eton Scorpion solar powered radio and flashlight will fit in your 72-hour pack or just attach it to your belt with the carabiner that comes with it. It will charge just by laying it out in the sun or hang it from your pack.

With a powerful 3 LED flashlight as well as a variety of radio bands, it will keep you up to date with the latest information.

You'll love all the features of the Scorpion:

  • Digital AM/FM radio
  • NOAA Weather band (7 NOAA channels)
  • Built-in 3 LED flashlight
  • Large solar panel

Plus it has a USB cell phone charger that provides emergency cell-phone power when cranking the dynamo.

Add to those features an Audio line input (AUX) that automatically works when an external device is plugged in, aluminum carabiner (makes attaching the Scorpion to items easy), rugged exterior skin for protection, battery-charge indicator, bottle opener for use with standard glass bottles, no batteries needed, DC power, IPX-4 splash proof rating (protected against spraying water from all angles at 10 liters/minute at a pressure of 80-100kN/m2 for 5 minutes).

Wavelength emergency radio

If you just want an inexpensive radio with lots of features (but not everything), the Wavelength Emergency Radio, Charger & Flashlight should fit the bill.

It is an all-in-one, hand crank flashlight and AM/FM Radio with a mobile phone charging adapter that charges most cell phones that have a car charger (excluding most smartphones).

Hand cranking this little radio for just one minute will generate up to 30 minutes of use. With an internal NiMH battery, there is no need to replace bulbs or batteries.

The Wavelength is great for providing light and communication in emergencies.

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