Do I Dare Say It? (Yes!)
The Holidays Are Coming HERE!

You do know what that means, right? Some of the best sales of the year happen through November and December. This year will be no different — so here's what's happening now.

As everyone is aware, Black Friday sales are happening NOW and Cyber Monday will come right on its heels after Thanksgiving.

Just completing one small thing every day or every week will add up to 365 or 52 ways we are more prepared. Saving money doing it is always welcome in my budget! How about yours?

Valley Food Storage Holiday Sale Valley Food Storage Holiday Sale

Now is your chance to save on REAL FOOD — no preservatives and no additives in any of their products.

Valley Food Storage Holiday SaleValley Food Storage Holiday Sale

The Ready Store Christmas
Clearance Savings The Ready Store Christmas Clearance Savings

When they say "clearance savings", they mean it! For instance:

  • EasyPrep Simply Essentials - save 64%
  • EasyPrep Instant Favorites - save 69%
  • Mylar Bag & O2 absorber kit (20 pack) - save 63%
  • EasyPrep 5-Day Survival Kit - Save 62%
  • Datrex Water Pouches - case of 64 - save 52%
  • And SO many more items!

Add to your supplies — or buy for gifts now!
The Ready Store Christmas Clearance Savings

Emergency Essentials iconHas
All the Gifts You Need!

Gifts of Preparedness

I've got to get over there! I'm lucky enough to live just a few miles from one of their stores and I love to browse their products. With this huge sale, I'll be stocking up!

Holiday Mega Sale!

This is THE place to get all your camping supplies, ammo, guns, hunting supplies, military surplus, boots & shoes, outdoor clothing, fishing supplies, boating supplies, truck accessories, tools & power equipment, AND home & gifts for everyone. Whew! There are a LOT of great products here.

Check it out NOW while there are great savings!

Food Saver

FoodSaver® has great new deals available!

FoodSaver Christmas Deals

I could NOT live without my FoodSaver! I vacuum pack nearly everything — in bottles, bags, and now they have zip lock type bags. I LOVE this idea because I like to use these bag for cheese. We eat cheese often and it's so easy to zip it into the bag, vacuum out the air (there's a special gadget that attaches to your FoodSaver) and put it back in the refrigerator after using what we need.

Why do I vacuum pack my cheese, you ask? Because it keeps it from going moldy for many, many weeks! Perfect for us!

Don't forget that we are always on the look-out for specials on:

  • Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods
  • Survival and Camping gear - for every need!
  • Manual Kitchen Appliances - for those times when there is no electricity!
  • Water Purifiers & Filters - for home, camping and emergency situations.
  • Water Containers - for every size and purpose.

Besides adding to your own survival supplies, remember what great gifts freeze-dried food or other survival supplies will make to adult children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors - everyone. There are even gifts for kids — light sticks, flashlights, freeze-dried ice cream and MORE!

Keep on preparing! I am - always!






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