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Start shopping for "SPOOKTACULAR" savings across the entire site. No matter what you're in need of to help get you better prepared they've got it. Their ongoing goal is to make preparing for the uncertainties of tomorrow simple and affordable today. Take advantage of all the savings they're offering you!

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Win an All-Expense Paid Trip For Two
To Cozumel or Costa Rica

Adventure for Two

Massive sales are going on at Emergency Essentials. And if that's not enough, they're also giving away an all-expense paid 7-day ADVENTURE for two to either Cozumel or Costa Rica - you choose!

Adventure for Two

As autumn kicks into full gear, prices are falling like the leaves from the trees. To get you started, they're hosting a huge Mountain House® sale - up to 55% off Mountain House® products! Since they have the lowest prices in the country, this is a great time to add Mountain House® foods to your storage.

Wait! There's more!

Also, throughout October, they're having their Annual Stock Up Sale! Lower bulk prices means buying 6 or more cans bring even greater savings. All year supplies of food are discounted even further and our incredibly low prices will help you save even more.


Don't forget that we are always on the look-out for specials on:

  • Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Foods
  • Survival and Camping gear - for every need!
  • Manual Kitchen Appliances - for those times when there is no electricty!
  • Water Purifiers & Filters - for home, camping and emergency situations.
  • Water Containers - for every size and purpose.

Besides adding to your own survival supplies, remember what great gifts freeze-dried food or other survival supplies will make to adult children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors - everyone. There are even gifts for kids — light sticks, flashlights, freeze-dried ice cream and MORE!

Keep on preparing! I am - always!






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