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Storing Dry Cereals

I have several boxes of dry cereal can they be prepackaged in a food grade safe bucket with oxy packs for longer storage?

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Is Self Defense Important to You?

Self defense outside and inside of the home are both controversial subjects that are in the news frequently. This article will focus on certain aspects of these subjects.

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Review: Quality Dehydrated Foods From Valley Food Storage

Before writing a review, I wanted to see what they offered on their website, so I clicked on their link and read every page. I was impressed. They have done extensive testing of the many types of foods for storage for their own families. They were not impressed with what they found in other foods.

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Shop Survival Supplies

Give survival supplies, freeze dried foods, dehydrated foods, water storage supplies as gifts - or add to your own supplies.

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Don't Be Caught Without Essential Survival Gear!

Survival Gear: Any family that loves camping will have a pretty good supply of survival gear. Items that may not be needed in a 'civilized' campground will definitely be needed in a disaster situation. Preparing for anything means acquiring survival equipment — as soon as you can afford it.

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Half Yearly Sale - Up To 70% Off Everything!

The Ready Store Half Year Sale

Ready Store's huge sitewide sale that only happens twice a year is starting today! For a limited time you can take advantage of savings up to 70% on top selling food, emergency gear, water supplies, MREs etc. The whole site is on sale now!

Each day during this sale you'll be able to save even more on eight products with additional savings! These eight products will change daily so be sure to act quick when you see something that interests you because the following day it will no longer have the hot summer savings!

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8 Guaranteed Easy Ways To Purify Water From Any Source

It is becoming necessary on a daily basis to purify water in some parts of the world — and maybe even right out of your tap.

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How To's: Start With Food Storage Basics

If you begin with food storage basics and throw in some canned or freeze-dried meats and your own fresh-grown produce, you will have well-balanced meals during any crisis.

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Storing Non-Wheat Flour

My son has food allergies and am wondering if I can preserve the flours I use for him in Mylar with O2 absorbers. We use these types of flours- millet,

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10 Survival Skills You Can Develop or Improve This Weekend

Put your weekend to good use - try all or some of these survival skills. You'll be glad you did it, either now or later. Some could even become a regular habit or activity.

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How to Use Powdered Eggs in Everyday Cooking

Whole powdered eggs can be used in recipes where whole eggs are called for. One of my favorite things about powdered eggs is that you always have eggs when you're ready to cook with them.

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Calories vs Servings Controversy

Are you as confused as I am over the calories vs servings controversy in long term survival foods? Some say you shouldn't buy this or that because the calorie to serving ratio means not enough calories. Others say servings don't count — ONLY calories count.

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