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Family Survival Planning Blog

Get the latest from Family Survival Planning Blog here. The newest pages, food storage tips, long term storage ideas, deciding what types of survival foods to invest in, how, where and what you will need for survival purposes, and lots more information to help you prepare your families.

So start your visit here each time and you won't miss anything new.

What's New?

The Complete Book of Prepping Lists

Are you struggling to prepare your family for any possible crisis? The Complete Book of Prepping Lists approaches these issues from a practical point of view.

Continue reading "The Complete Book of Prepping Lists"

How To Keep Warm in a Power Outage - Emergency Heating

Emergency Heating - How to keep the family warm when there is a power outage: space heaters, blankets, survival sleeping bags and ponchos.

Continue reading "How To Keep Warm in a Power Outage - Emergency Heating"

Survival Books: Resources for Those Who Need to Know More

Survival books will increase your survival skills - learn how to cook with your food storage, preserve food, DIY projects, catching rain water, home security and more.

Continue reading "Survival Books: Resources for Those Who Need to Know More"

How to Light Your Home When the Grid Goes Down

Emergency lighting: Have you ever spent a night in your city when ALL the lights were out? Kind of eerie, isn't it? There are many options available - emergency flashlight, solar lantern, emergency candles - to have for emergencies when the power goes out.

Continue reading "How to Light Your Home When the Grid Goes Down"

Emergency Shelters - Safe Rooms

Emergency shelters can be any place or structure that gives protection. While it can be a tent, a cave, a lean-to, or an underground shelter, hopefully in a crisis, it can still be your home. Not all disaster situations will render your home unable to give you emergency shelter.

Continue reading "Emergency Shelters - Safe Rooms"

Hurricane Preparations - Are You Really Prepared?

Learning how to prepare for a hurricane is mandatory if you live near a coast where tropical storms form, such as the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico areas.

Continue reading "Hurricane Preparations - Are You Really Prepared?"

Freeze Dried Food is Food Insurance

Freeze dried food IS food insurance. Freeze dried food is still the easiest and tastiest 'food insurance' you can buy. Dispel the myths of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, compare brands, research nutrition.

Continue reading "Freeze Dried Food is Food Insurance"

How To Buy a Portable Solar Generator

Confused about solar generators? The questions, research, and testing that led us on the path to acquiring a portable solar generator.

Continue reading "How To Buy a Portable Solar Generator"

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The Complete Book of Prepping Lists

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