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Family Survival Planning Blog

Get the latest from Family Survival Planning Blog here. The newest pages, food storage tips, long term storage ideas, deciding what types of survival foods to invest in, how, where and what you will need for survival purposes, and lots more information to help you prepare your families.

So start your visit here each time and you won't miss anything new.

What's New?

How To Keep Warm in a Power Outage - Emergency Heating

Emergency Heating - How to keep the family warm when there is a power outage: space heaters, blankets, survival sleeping bags and ponchos.

Continue reading "How To Keep Warm in a Power Outage - Emergency Heating"

Long Term Food Storage: What Food to Store — How To Store It

1 bucket, 1 person, 1 month food storage
In lean times, long term food storage will keep you from starving and hoping someone (government?) will come to your rescue. Don't ever count on it.

In case of an interruption in the supply chain, a failed crop, or financial turmoil, those with long term food storage will survive and even thrive.

Continue reading "Long Term Food Storage: What Food to Store — How To Store It"

Three "Must Have" Funds to Ensure Financial Security

Living frugal is more than just "tightening your belt" or deprivation and just barely making ends meet.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

    It's about:

  • taking care of the possessions you have;
  • having a family budget and sticking to it;
  • cutting expenses as much as possible;
  • planning for your future by increasing your knowledge and strategies to ensure financial security;
  • having a LARGE "piggy bank" - aka savings account (or cash in a safe in your home, if you prefer).

Continue reading "Three "Must Have" Funds to Ensure Financial Security"

How To Purify Water

How to purify water naturally, how to use chemicals and filters, and which are the best methods for varied situations.

Continue reading "How To Purify Water"

Long Term Food Storage - Bulk Food Storage - Home Food Storage

Long term food storage, bulk food storage is a good place to begin your emergency food storage plan.

Continue reading "Long Term Food Storage - Bulk Food Storage - Home Food Storage"

Long Term Storage of Spices and Herbs

Spice Up Your Food Storage: Learn the Shelf Life and Storage of Spices and Herbs

Continue reading "Long Term Storage of Spices and Herbs"

Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Sharpen your survival skills to ensure your family will not only survive any disaster, but will thrive because of the knowledge you learn NOW.

Continue reading "Sharpen Your Survival Skills"

Preparing For Disasters

Learn how to survive disasters, whether at home and in the wild, to ensure your family is prepared for any disaster that Mother Nature throws at you.

Continue reading "Preparing For Disasters"

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Family Survival Planning

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