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Family Survival Planning Blog

Get the latest from Family Survival Planning Blog here. The newest pages, food storage tips, long term storage ideas, deciding what types of survival foods to invest in, how, where and what you will need for survival purposes, and lots more information to help you prepare your families.

So start your visit here each time and you won't miss anything new.

What's New?

Long Term Food Storage - Bulk Food Storage - Home Food Storage

Long term food storage, bulk food storage is a good place to begin your emergency food storage plan.

Continue reading "Long Term Food Storage - Bulk Food Storage - Home Food Storage"

Long Term Storage of Spices and Herbs

Spice Up Your Food Storage: Learn the Shelf Life and Storage of Spices and Herbs

Continue reading "Long Term Storage of Spices and Herbs"

Sharpen Your Survival Skills

Sharpen your survival skills to ensure your family will not only survive any disaster, but will thrive because of the knowledge you learn NOW.

Continue reading "Sharpen Your Survival Skills"

Preparing For Disasters

Learn how to survive disasters, whether at home and in the wild, to ensure your family is prepared for any disaster that Mother Nature throws at you.

Continue reading "Preparing For Disasters"

Water Storage Basics

Learn where to find potable water in your home and in the wild, how to store it, and how to purify it to ensure your family has enough in a crisis situation.

Continue reading "Water Storage Basics"

The Truth About Storing Sugar

Since there are several forms of sugar, all different in texture, color, and usage, we'll cover how to store sugar by the different types.

Continue reading "The Truth About Storing Sugar"

Build a Complete 72-Hour Kit in 7 Easy Steps

Why do we need a 72-hour kit? When planning the contents of your 72-hour kit, remember that this is only for 3 days max. Keeping that in mind should help you to not over pack. There are many situations where this kit could come in handy - not just during a disaster. There may be short-term reasons to keep a 72-hour kit in your car, in the office, as well as at home.

Continue reading "Build a Complete 72-Hour Kit in 7 Easy Steps"

Family Survival Books

Family survival books to increase your survival skills - learn how to cook with your food storage, preserve food, backyard farming, healing herbs, catching rain water, home security and more.

Continue reading "Family Survival Books"

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