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Family Survival Planning Blog

Get the latest from Family Survival Planning Blog here. The newest pages, food storage tips, long term storage ideas, deciding what types of survival foods to invest in, how, where and what you will need for survival purposes, and lots more information to help you prepare your families.

So start your visit here each time and you won't miss anything new.

What's New?

Our Past is Still the Best Predictor of the Future

What is in the future hold for us? Change. Change is a constant and for the human race, it is accelerating in about every metric of human existence that we can see.

Continue reading "Our Past is Still the Best Predictor of the Future"

Why You Should Replace Your Old Flashlights

Flashlights are a pretty mundane subject to most people, at least they used to be. With the invention of the white LED, flashlights have become revolutionary devices, especially for Preppers.

Continue reading "Why You Should Replace Your Old Flashlights"

Build Your Own Emergency Off-Grid Power System

How to Create and Configure An Off-Grid Power System With a Portable Solar Generator. What will we do when we have a power outage, a REAL grid down situation lasting weeks, or months, or a year or so? How will we light up the dark, cook hot meals, and keep warm in the winter?

Continue reading "Build Your Own Emergency Off-Grid Power System"

Surviving the Mammoth Yellowstone Eruption

Surviving the Yellowstone Supervolcano: If you live in the American West, the ever present (although rare) danger of the Yellowstone caldera exploding is simply a fact of life. It's been a while since it's exploded so it's probably coming due again.

Continue reading "Surviving the Mammoth Yellowstone Eruption"

Kerosene Heaters: How to Keep Warm When the Power is Out

Kerosene heaters are inexpensive, small, portable, can heat a room or an entire floor of a home. Both radiant and convection heaters and the fuel are easily portable.

Continue reading "Kerosene Heaters: How to Keep Warm When the Power is Out"

What If You're Prepared - But Nothing Happens?

Should I have spent thousands of dollars on self-reliance, preparedness, on food, equipment, fuel, water, and more to ensure the safety of my family in the event that something breaks the wheels of civilization?

Continue reading "What If You're Prepared - But Nothing Happens?"

Survival Cooking: The Best Ways to Cook a Hot Meal in a Power Outage

You'll never worry about a power outage again with these surefire ways to cook your family a hot meal. Some use highly efficient charcoal, others use wood chips and sticks, or propane that allows you to boil, grill, fry or bake using very little fuel. You can cook an entire meal with as little as 6 briquettes or a handful of sticks and pine cones. Use less than one-tenth the fuel of a conventional grill.

Continue reading "Survival Cooking: The Best Ways to Cook a Hot Meal in a Power Outage"

Freeze Dried Food is Food Insurance

Freeze dried food IS food insurance. Freeze dried food is still the easiest and tastiest 'food insurance' you can buy. Dispel the myths of freeze dried and dehydrated foods, compare brands, research nutrition.

Continue reading "Freeze Dried Food is Food Insurance"

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