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Teaching Children Knife Safety

Being comfortable using a knife will increase your chances of survival. Whether you are camping, building fires, or hunting and preparing game, knowing how to use a knife is essential. By teaching your kids about knife safety early on in their lives, they will become seasoned veterans by the time they reach adulthood.

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Do Government Policies Affect Prepping?

Many, many times governments make decisions based on their political loyalties and political survival. Many decisions are unwise and, obviously, do not benefit the American people. Decisions and actions made by government absolutely affect lives during and after a crisis when help is desperately needed.

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Savings on Survival Supplies!

Besides adding to your own survival supplies, remember what great gifts freeze-dried food or other survival supplies will make to adult children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors - everyone. There are even gifts for kids — light sticks, flashlights, freeze-dried ice cream and MORE!

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Prepping Ideas For Cold Winter Days

Prepping in winter? Yes! There are plenty of ways to continue prepping in winter, even though the garden has been put to bed and it's too cold to go anywhere.

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The Truth About Storing Sugar

Since there are several forms of sugar, all different in texture, color, and usage, we'll cover how to store sugar by the different types.

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Sprouting Seeds: Complete Nutrition in 6 Easy Steps

Growing sprouts is a great way to have fresh vegetables any time of year and it's easy, cost effective, and above all, nutritious! Growing sprouts is an easy project and well worth the small effort. Why sprouts? Sprouting seeds increases . . .

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How to Beat the Next 'Real Life' Crisis

We don't get to choose our next 'real life' crisis. We don't get to choose NOT to have set-backs and crises in our lives either. They come unannounced and uncaring without our permission.

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Portable Toilet - Porta Potty for Emergency Sanitation

How do you feel about digging a hole in your backyard, then covering, for emergency sanitation? I'd rather already have a portable toilet (port-a-potty). Having some sort of portable toilet may be one of the most important and least thought of aspects of survival planning

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Freeze Dried Food Pouches

The Ready Store has just launched 23 new EasyPrep pouches. Having freeze dried food in pouches means half the food will not be wasted when I open a #10 can. Pouches are perfect for taking camping, backpacking, or adding to 72 hour emergency packs

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Every Prepper Needs to Stockpile Emergency Cash

Stockpile emergency cash. Without an emergency cash fund, you are one missed paycheck from disaster. That's why it’s so incredibly important to always have a stash of emergency cash on hand.

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Why I Store Multiple Survival Foods in One Bucket

Open a #10 can of freeze dried vegetables. Since you only need a cup or so, how long will it take to eat the rest of it? How long will it last once opened?

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What the Elderly Can Teach Us About Survival Skills

Thinking about a worst case scenario, we might want turn to the older generation for help in learning survival skills. Why? Because they lived preparedness all—the—time. It was a way of life — not a conscious effort to be prepared.

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